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Nicolás Valencia



For 17 years, I have been providing quality translation services to a wide range of customers from all around the world. My work is distinguished by a high level of professionalism, thanks to my excellent training and broad experience.

I am aware that my clients expect the highest quality in their communications. I therefore provide thorough, efficient and customized services, ensuring the full satisfaction only a professional provider can guarantee.

Dialogue globes

Prompt and accurate translation from English and French into Spanish

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Proofreading and editing of texts translated into Spanish

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Adaptation to Latin-American and Colombian Spanish varieties



Throughout my career as a translator, I have gained considerable expertise in various areas, as a result of the work I have done for a large number of clients.

My experience and training have allowed me to acquire a particular set of skills in order to be able to provide a highly specialized service.


Brochures, guides, advertising, press releases, subtitles, etc.

Economics and Finance

Analyses, reports, factsheets, statements, etc.


Contracts, agreements, terms & conditions, disclaimers, etc.



I have had the opportunity to work with numerous clients and partners, providing professional services to private companies, international organizations, individual customers and language service providers.

My clients particularly appreciate my responsiveness, efficiency and reliability, allowing me to establish long-term business relationships based on confidence.
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“Nicolás is not only an enjoyable person to work with, but his passion for excellence also ensures that he achieves great results from his projects. He is driven, committed and 100% reliable.”


Lloyds TSB, Switzerland



My vocation for translating grew from my interest for language and languages since an early age. Besides my passion for English and French, I always felt particularly inclined to reading and writing, as well as very curious about other cultures. I was born and grew up in Colombia, but I traveled, lived and studied abroad since I was young.

I hold a Master's degree in Translation (English, French and Spanish) from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, as well as a post-graduate degree in Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) from the same institution. Furthermore, I took studies in English at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, and in French at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Nicolás Valencia
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Since 2003 I have worked as a translator, first as a trainee in the humanitarian sector and later as an employee for a couple of years at a private bank. In 2007 I became a freelance translator and I have also worked in parallel as an university professor teaching to many translation students.

Some of my translations have been edited and published in Spain and Latin America. Please click here to see a list of my published works.

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